Max Muscle Walnut Creek & Hercules 

Ken Tali, owner of Max Muscle Walnut Creek and Coach of Team Max Muscle Walnut Creek/Kens Barbies has been in the bodybuilding scene for the past 19 years, 13 of which he has prepping athletes to step onto the NPC and IFBB stage. Ken, who has the largest team of athletes and titles in Northern California, operates out of his Max Muscle shop in Walnut Creek, CA. He provides either in-person consultation at the shop as well as online coaching for anyone interested in his services.

2012 has been a big year for his Team! This past July at Jon Lindsays NPC USAs, Ken brought seven athletes to compete for their pro card and walked away with three of them, all in a different division. The first to claim the coveted card was Joe Andaya in Mens Physique, placing second in Open Class A. Joe had only started competing in 2011, and within a year under Kens guidance he was able to turn pro. Next up was Christine Kluger who placed second in Open Figure Class E. Christine has been competing since 2002, but only signed on with Ken in the beginning of 2012. She had set a goal of earning her pro card within 10 years from her first show, and she made that happen at the USAs. The last athlete to come home with that elusive pro card was Cassandra DuBois, who placed second in Open Bikini Class A. Under Kens guidance, Cassandra started training to compete in her very first show in July 2011 at the age of 37. One year later, against girls in their 20s she won her pro card, proving that age is nothing but a number. Even more amazing, one week prior to the day her husband Matt DuBois, at the age of 46, earned his pro card at Masters Nationals in Pittsburgh in Mens Physique Over 35, also beating men 10 years his junior. Four pro cards in seven days for Team Max Muscle Walnut Creek/Kens Barbies!

Later in 2013 Kenny would bring long time friend Vikkie Dowell and Jen Stevens to Nationals where both of them would Turn Pro by winning the overall in Bikini and in Figure.

The last two people to reach their Pro Status under Kenny is Kim Clark in Figure winning 45, 35 and the open division all in one night for figure>

In the Bikini division at USAs  Breena Martinez would also win her class and go on to win several shows as well as a 8th place at Olympia 

If you are interested in competing and being part of the largest competitive NPC team in Northern California, or just looking for a wide variety of top notch supplements at competitive prices, then check out Ken Tali of Team Max Muscle Walnut Creek/Kens Barbies at or by calling the shop at 925-947-FLEX (3539) or