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Training Programs

12-week Transformation:

Not ready to compete but want to get your body transformed, tone up and lose some fat? This program is for you! It includes weekly meetings with Kenny along with personalized nutrition, supplement and training programs all designed with your goals in mind.

12-week Contest Prep: 

This plan starts 12 weeks before your contest date and includes weekly 1-on-1 meetings where you will receive personalized nutrition, supplement and training plans from Kenny tailored to meet the needs of your body so that when you step on stage, it will be at your best.

Off Season Program:

This plan is for those who are in between contests to help keep you on track! This plan includes 1-on-1 meetings every two weeks with Kenny where he will continue to give you personalized advice on nutrition, supplementation, and training, keeping in mind your upcoming contest season.

Personal Training:

For those who would like personal attention in the gym, this plan is for those in contest prep or off season that would like to train personally with Kenny.

We look forward to assisting you through your fitness and health goals!  Please contact us today to get started!

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