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When Kenny Tali opened his Max Muscle Sports Nutrition Store in 2001, it never crossed his mind that in just a few years he would be running a secondary business as Northern California’s top figure coach, guiding countless competitors to success, as well as a number of elite athletes, MMA fighters, and fitness enthusiasts. Kenny’s genuine interest and enthusiasm in bringing out the best in each and every client is what draws such a large following not only in Northern California, but Nationwide as well. An ISSA certified personal trainer and certified nutritionist, Kenny relies on years of experience, beginning with his first figure client, girlfriend, and now IFBB Professional figure competitor, Gina Camacho.  Gina decided she would enter her first competition after being persuaded by Kenny. Although new to the sport, it was obvious that Kenny had a knack for what he was doing, since Gina claimed the title of “overall” figure at her first show, the 2002 NPC Contra Costa.  This win was followed by a seemingly instantaneous rise to the pro level in 2004. While inspiring Gina, Kenny simultaneously gained his own inspiration as he watched her dedication to the sport despite a hectic schedule, a full-time job, and a child.             

Kenny has successfully trained well over 200 clients, and that number is growing rapidly. Other professional-level clients include pro figure competitors Carin Hawkins and April Fortier, and pro bikini competitor Natalie Pennington. But as he says, “we don’t take pro’s, we build them from the ground up.”  He also brings undoubtedly the largest and most successful team of amateur figure competitors to Nor Cal’s main NPC events, in their infamous track suits proudly displaying the title, “Ken’s Barbies."  Kenny knows that each competitor has unique needs, and therefore, he does not believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach to fitness. He takes the time to write highly customized workouts and nutrition programs for each and every client. This is why he has built the most impressive track record of any prep coach in Northern California. 

In addition to coaching figure models, bikini models, and general fitness clients, Kenny also works with clients in martial arts and body building. With his certification as a nutritionist, he applies his knowledge and experience while working as a MMA strength and conditioning coach, specializing in diet and supplementation. He has guided numerous fighters during the process of reaching their ideal weight classes while still achieving optimum performance in the ring. Kenny gives each fighter the edge they need to push through the most intense conditioning and destroy their competition.

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